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Live as Swan

Reflections on when I spent early August embraced by the hidden and not so hidden gems of Toronto.

Our life a swan upon our own pond, each ripple a graceful reminder of smooth and new (or renewed) beginnings.

I was there for a race--the 2018 NACAC Championships, prepared and ready for a podium finish and possibly a personal best. I felt confident I'd be bringing home Track & Field's equivalent of a coveted gem: A podium finish and medal. Instead, I gained something that won't tarnish: an inner sense of bliss and happiness...fulfillment. A triumph of positive vibes and choice elation.

The picture-story I came into Toronto visualizing and what I left with is one of a related but different genre--one with a more poetic tone.

I'm sure (I know) others would take a look at my race result (and when you hear some of the other "mishaps" that occurred mere hours before the starting-gunshot) you may (mistakenly) assume I leave with a cup half full of disappointment. But no. Sure, the race wasn't and isn't my best performance of my life but let me tell you: This whole NACAC experience in Toronto has been one of my best and successful trips of the year. Maybe not my race result but the experience encompassing it is worth a thousand+ snapshots of smiles and fulfillment.

Because sometimes a medal-winning performance comes wrapped in a different package

and for an unexpected purpose; A different one to behold.

Even when there's ripples the skyline is beautiful and inner peace gives a wink of love as does a setting sun.

another opportunity to be grateful for the golden moments disguised as Silver or Bronze (or DQ)

TRUST THE JOURNEY, for your journey is writing itself with each step, decision, and breath you make. The vivid color--our memories created (with each birthing second)--being present enhances the color that gift us a sense of purity: our Yang. An 'S' slithers gracefully upon our lips--demonstrating our ability to separate while simultaneously be able to remain connected...unifying the darkness and the light. Life of shadow and light--giving and retrieving color: a consistent reminder that we are strong and enduring. The Yin and the Yang are our truth. Where there is dark there is enough light to balance, and where there is darkness there is only enough to remind us how breathtakingly beautiful (and necessary) the two extremes are--because without either of them we'd have nothing OR everything...and too much of a good thing bleeds into nothingness and then nothingness renews into somethingness. The cycle continues, infinite. Full circle.


Each second--this: A fresh start. Dear White Swan, a sign of pure potential - representing that clean slate upon which anything can be created. Dear Black Swan, an indication of deep mysteries within that are longing to be set free to express creatively.

I harness and cherish both.

Song of the Month:

'In My Life,' The Beatles

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