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Achievements and Honors

2021-2024     USATF AAC At-Large Event Leader

2022-2024     USATF Pacific Association 'Board of Athletics' Chair, Race Walk

2022-2024     USATF Pacific Association 'Board of Athletics' Chair, T&F Grand Prix

late  2022 - ACTIVE

                      USATF Women's Track & Field Executive Committee

                      USATF Race Walk Executive Committee - NOTE: X - supposed to be on this committee as an Event Leader but Sport                      Manipulation by direct competitors whom sit on the committee is actively taking place

                      USATF Sports Medicine & Science Sub-Committee

                      USATF Big 3 Coaching Selection Committee (for 2023-2024)

2020-2018     USATF Pacific Association 'Board of Athletics' Co-Chair, Race Walk and Athlete Representative, Delegate

2018-2016     USATF Pacific Association 'Board of Athletics' Co-Chair Marketing and Athlete Representative, Delegate

2021 - 2019     Newfeel-Decathlon

2021 - 2020     DecathlonUSA #AllezBlueTeam

PRESENT - 2022      KipRun-Decathlon, Mile High Training

PRESENT - 2021     USATF Foundation 'Athlete Training Grant'

PRESENT - 2015      USATF Pacific Foundation 'George Kleeman Athlete Training Grant'




USATF Athlete of the Week -- April 2022

for breaking our National Record in the 35km, 30km, 25km AND setting NACAC record in the 35km (Dudince, Slovakia 23 April 2022)


OLYMPIAN, Tokyo Olympics

26 June 2021 OLYMPIC TRIALS - Gold

2022 USATF Race Walk 'ATHLETE of the YEAR'

2021-2020 USATF Race Walk 'ATHLETE of the YEAR'

2021 Pacific Association Track & Field 'ATHLETE of the YEAR (OVERALL)'

2021 ANAD 'Strong Woman' Recipient and Recognition, active advocate for Athlete Wellness and Health

2021 USATF Womens Commission - @usatfwomenscommission #Tokyo2020 Women Olympic hopefuls (feature)

2021 FIRST (and only) WOMAN USA Race Walker to WIN QUADFECTA 50km-20km-Indoor 3000m-35km purse National Championships



2020 FIRST WOMAN USA Race Walker to WIN TRIFECTA 50km-20km-Indoor 3000m purse National Championships


2020 Covid-19 Athlete Relief Fund recipient

2020 FRE Skin Care Ambassador

2020 Northern California Olympic and Paralympic Committee Olympic Development grant recipient


2019 FIRST WOMAN USA Race Walker to WIN both 50km and 20km Olympic distance National Championships

2019 USATF Race Walk 'ATHLETE of the YEAR'

2019 Salming,Team Elite

2019 Rudy Project Ambassador

2018, 2017, 2016

2018 Munk Pack Ambassador

2018-2016 Skechers Performance Team, Elite

2016 Selected athlete for the Picky Bar 'Road to Rio #FeedtheDream' Project

2016 Pacific Association USATF Foundation 'Athlete Olympic Development Grant' recipient

2007 and Earlier (College and High School)

2007 - 2011 Apple, Inc 'Red Zone' Sales Leadership Award


2003-2004 WAC Western Athletic Conference (SJSU) Women’s Cross Country Academic All-Conference


​1999-2002 Henry Laskau Racewalk Award

2001 Inaugural HSRW 'Bruce MacDonald Athlete of the Year (2001 is the first year this award is being awarded)

2000 Capitol Focus – scholarship awarded by Assemblywoman Helen Thomson 

                                  to attend “Springtime in the Capitol City”, a conference based on government and legislation

2000 Golden State Achievement of Recognition in Writing Composition

1999 Golden State Achievement of Recognition in Geometry


Academic Letter

2000, 1999 “Gotcha” recipient – recognizes a student’s academic success 
2000 Girl Scout Senior Leadership Pin
1998 Girl Scout Silver Award 
1998 Girl Scout Cadette Leadership Pin 
1998, 1997 Girl Scout Program Aide Leadership Pin 

Girl Scout Service Bars (community and Girl Scout organization)

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