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Triple PBs for Robyn Stevens on Sunday at the Pacific Association USA Track & Field 10km Race Wa

I was on such a natural high from last Sunday's race I wanted to let all the glows of the day **SPARKLE** in the present moment before posting the details. When your training results are giving you ahead of the game race results early on in the season--indicating we (my coach Andreas and I) are on target for what we have planned for the 2018 season--it's an exciting and encouraging feeling.

After an AMAZING and fun race along the coastal street in wonderfully memorable Coatza a month ago in 50mph winds (!), my coach felt confident I am ready for a 46:30 10km. To prove it, en route from the RnR LA Expo to his home in Nevada he dropped in on our Pacific Association USA Track & Field (PA-USATF) 10km Race Walk Championship to give me encouragement and a race buddy. I'm so grateful and lucky to have such a supportive team of mentors and friends in my life. My Youth coach showed up to cheer after walking a 5km to fund a cure for Alzheimers the day prior, along with my inspiring mom who also walked that same 5km the day prior, and my dad who drove 12-hours round trip to be heart is filled with gratitude, love and appreciation for them all.

Other than the 10km in Coatza (September 30th) I had not seriously raced a 10km since I was a Junior Athlete. The past three years I had been either coming out of a 12-year retirement or recovering from an injury. This year's Pacific Association 10km Championship had a different feel entirely. With the confidence of my coach and solid training program I crossed the finish line feeling strong and smooth as the clock displayed exactly 46:30! Not only is this nearly a 2-minute personal best (PB), I also PB'd in the 5km during the first half of the race then PB'd AGAIN for my last 5km via a negative result of 23:27/23:02!! Super stoked.

This is the first year since my return to the sport in 2014 that I've managed to win the Age-Grade Grande Prix and race day Age-Grade--seriously, took me by total surprise. Thank you John and Beth Price, and all the rest of our amazing officials and volunteers for donating your time to make these races available for us. Also, my partners who help make it possible for me to afford to train and do what I love, and continue to explore my potential to the maximum: Skechers Performance, The Runners Multivitamin, MunkPack, and the Pacific Association USATF Foundation.

After the race and dropping my coach off at the airport I treated myself to (finally gave it a try!) Pumpkin Spice pancakes...because those have been on my mind since a friend of mine mentioned SHE had a craving for them... and, when I get an idea planted in my head I must follow through. :-P Following the pancake treat I spent a couple of hours relaxing in one of my favorite bookstores. Pumpkin Spice pancake verdict: I learned that while I LOVE crepes...I'm not a fan of pancakes nor a fan of Pumpkin Spice...unless it's pumpkin pie. :-P <3

Until my next race, enjoy a mini photo story of pics provided by our Association's Race Walk photographer, John Twilling. A couple taken by me post-race of some of our awesome officials and volunteers, and beloved family.

[Next race is a bit of a change from my usual. I'll be RUNNING my first ever official Half judges needed, no paddles, course marks will be in miles not kilometers...there will be knee drive...but the common denominator is that it will be fun]

**Notice: Despite what our bibs read (they were reused bibs for this race) this race is the Pacific Association USA Track & Field 10km Race Walk Championships--NOT the Junior Olympics. ;)

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